Connect and collaborate with your health care team
with an Intelligent Home Phone, a 4G Cellular Gateway
& Broadband Internet access


Connect and collaborate with your health care team


1. Intelligent Home Phone
2. 4G Cellular Gateway
3. Broadband Internet access

Cellular Plan

Below is what’s included in the unlimited plan that costs
• Unlimited 4G LTE device data (5G access w/ compatible device & coverage area)
• Unlimited messaging
• Optimized video streaming at 480p
• 200MB domestic data roaming
• Taxes and fees are excluded

Microsoft Teams with (VOIP)

• Online meetings (Calling and Video)
• Maximum meeting duration 24 hours
• Screen sharing
• Scheduled Meetings
• Meeting recordings

Chat and Collaboration

• Maximum number of users 500k
• Unlimited chat messages
• Guest access
• File attachments in chat 2GB per user
• File storage
• Real-Time collaboration
• Microsoft Teams data encryption at rest and in transit

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